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Thank you so much for your interest in Ah Goo Baby! We love working with bloggers to review our products and offer giveaways to Blogger Imagetheir readers. However, we have so many passionate bloggers and fans, sometimes it can become overwhelming. While this is a wonderful problem to have, we finally decided to create an official Ah Goo Baby Blogger Program to help us sort through all of the requests we receive.

All bloggers, regardless of their blog traffic will receive a custom coupon code to give to their readers for a discount off our products when shopping on our site. Additionally, we are a member of Clixgalore which (after registering) will give you a custom link code to our site when referring your traffic to us so that you can receive attractive commissions on all sales that occur from your links.

Below are three different levels of bloggers. What determines the level in which you fall is your verified monthly blog traffic. If you would like to review Ah Goo Baby products on your blog, please fill out the form to the right and provide as many statistics and information about your blog as you can. We will contact you regarding your request and ask you to verify your traffic.

Giveaways are also a popular draw for traffic among our bloggers. The level in which you fall will also determine the value of the giveaway we are willing to donate. All giveaways will be shipped directly from Ah Goo Baby and all you need to do is send us the name, address, and phone number of your winner. Unless otherwise specified, Ah Goo Baby will provide 1 product for review and 1 product for a giveaway.

It is because of fans like you that Ah Goo Baby has become what it is today. Once again, thank you for your interest and here’s to your success!

Gold Qualification: 10,001 + Unique Monthly Visitors Discount: 100% - we will send you one sample and press materials at no cost + free shipping.

Silver Qualification: 5,001 – 10,000 Unique Monthly Visitors Discount: 50% - we will send you one sample and press materials at 50% off retail with free shipping.

Bronze Qualification: 1,000 – 5,000 Unique Monthly Visitors Discount: 25% - we will send you one sample and press materials at 25% off retail with free shipping.

After determining which qualification you satisfy, please e-mail your request to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Last modification: Tue 23 Feb 2016

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