Our Favorite Resources for Parents

Our Favorite Resources for Parents

Whether its product reviews, products, general parenting questions/support, etc., it’s always a bonus to “cut the long line” of finding those answers with short cuts from experts or experienced parents." />

"It can be very overwhelming for new parents to navigate the best resources to tap into. - Karin Telegadis, Founder & CEO"

Here are a few of Ah Goo Baby’s favorites:

  • Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine.  One of the few remaining  pregnancy, baby and parenting print publications on the stands, this magazine is a great read. They also publish buying guides a few times a year which summarize the best of the best. See them also online at www.pnmag.com
  • Cool Mom Picks. The first of the “mommy blogs” has evolved into a powerhouse of all of the coolest trends, tips, and tricks right at your fingertips.  From product reviews to cooking recipes, they have an artsy crisp yet approachable take on all things baby and kid.  Visit them at: http://coolmompicks.com/
  • Time Out Kids NY.  Designed for the urban NYC parent, but also a nice reference if you are planning a visit to New York with the kids and are looking for specific things to do. Visit them at: http://www.timeout.com/new-york-kids
  • Babble.com. Just simply a great reference for all things parenting.  Visit them at:  http://www.babble.com 
  • Amazon. Yes, Amazon.  Why?  For bulk and high frequency items such as diapers, wipes, baby formula, or just about any item you may need, sign up for Amazon Prime.  Among the many perks you get through Prime, you can schedule monthly deliveries, get FREE two-day shipping, FREE returns, and much more. Worth the $9/month cost just for the convenience and free shipping.  Other automatic perks include free on-demand TV and movies.  They don’t just call Amazon, “Amazon” for no reason. Visit them at: http://www.amazon.com.

If you have a favorite blog or resource, share it by leaving a comment below, and we'll send you a special one-time promotional discount as our way of thanking you for helping support our team!

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