Karin's Take On Parenting

Karin's Take On Parenting

Parenting is a very personal evolution that you need to navigate through your own personal senses. Your baby has its own unique temperament, personality and development.

"I don’t believe that one individual with a PhD attached to their name can answer all of your questions and concerns. Nor should you follow them by-the-book."

At the end of the day, there is no science to parenting. We, as parents, have our own tastes and styles when it comes to how we parent our children. Yes, there are clear answers about how to treat diaper rash, and best ways to bathe your baby, etc. But in terms of how to parent? No science to it. Just patience, open-mindedness and a little humor. Just know that you signed on to having the baby and you will get through the toughest times by embracing the sweetest times. Balance out your perspective. (You can also find your favorite room to cry it out when you’re sleep deprived and need to let some stress out with the good cry.)

You may sense from the above, that I believe in balance. From the time that my two girls were born, I’ve always tried to take a “middle of the road” approach with everything: food, clothing, gear, rearing, etc. Sometimes going 100% organic, but then caving into the processed foods. Sometimes keeping the TV off for days, but then propping them up in front of the TV to give them (and me) the pleasure. I believe that it all takes balance. If you live by any extreme at 100% of the time, you’re teaching your kids an all or nothing approach, which is unrealistic. Just don’t “over-study” how to parent. There is no perfect science.

My girls are now 11 and 13 years old, and they are social and easy going, yet determined and focus when they need to be. They are balanced. Are they perfect? Nope, but when you take all of the struggles and concerns they have and blend them with their blessings and successes, you have real life kid with a real-life upbringing.

Please check back for future updates to this blog as I hope to make it a means for me to share my thoughts and lessons learned as I continue the evolution of this wonderful (and sometimes crazed) life of motherhood as well as all of the blendings into other parts of our life it takes on. It would be particularly special if any of you should have your own thoughts or comments to add to the discussion by sharing them into the section below.  For those that do, we'll send you a special one-time promotional discount as our way of thanking you for helping lend support!

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