Freedom to Parent

Our Focus

It's all about letting our babies go where we go, without sacrificing comfort or style. At Ah Goo Baby, we focus on product concepts that fill emptiness in the marketplace and match what our customers are looking for:

Gifting - Friends and family want to celebrate our new arrivals with clever gifts that are both useful and memorable.

Feeding – A baby’s belly is cranky and feeding that cranky belly can be a messy effort.

Carrying - No one likes a broken back… While out and about, it’s important to keep all of the important items for you and baby together in a clean, organized and compact way.

Covering – Germs and dirt are attracted to our little ones, so be sure to keep them and the things close to them covered and clean.

Changing – By redefining the term “melt down” in a positive way to mean “sinking into blissful memory foam comfort”, it will bring joy to baby-changing for both baby and parent.

Mantras Our Products Live By

  • Being on-the-go with your baby shouldn’t mean sacrificing your baby’s comfort.
  • Memory foam feels as amazing for babies as it does for grown-ups, so change them on a pad that they look forward to laying on.
  • Nothing is worse than seeing pacifiers and bottles fall on a filthy surface. Gross.
  • Diaper bags don’t need to be the size of luggage when most of the time you are just going out for a few hours.
  • Never wake a sleeping baby and always try and keep your arms free of clutter. So when shopping, keep your baby in the stroller and use stroller clips to hold your bags for a much more enjoyable trip out.
  • You should be able to put a bib on your baby with one hand.  Don’t buy a bib that prevents you from that luxury.
  • Burp cloths should actually keep spit-up from making its way to your shoulder.
  • Babies travel on their knees not their feet; so protect their little knees!
  • Having baby skin means being chilly most of the time, so make sure to keep them covered with something comfortable.
  • Every gift should be guaranteed to get ooohs and ahhhs at a baby shower! Give gifts for new parents that they will not only love, but are presented in a way that everyone will remember.
  • Soiled clothes need a “separate” place in your diaper bag, so make sure you have a wet bag to keep them isolated from everything else in your bag.
  • Buy wipes in bulk and use a small refillable wipes case to put just the amount you need to take with you on the go.
  • Your babies will grow up fast – simplify that precious time with products aimed at convenience, so that you can savor every moment with your little one.

Our Mission to You

Our mission is to support parents who live an active lifestyle with their children. We're parents too, and it's our job as parents — and it's our job as part of Team Ah Goo Baby — to provide those useful products that can help our families actively explore the world around them.

Every Ah Goo Baby product sparks with an idea attached to a specific purpose. Whether that spark comes from deeply diving into our research, acting on input from families and supportive customers, or tapping into the creativity and interests of our own little explorers - it's all inspiring and it's all good. To leave the "napkin" phase, though, it has to live up to our must-have criteria. First and foremost, it has to be totally and completely baby-safe. But it also has to be effective, useful and practical. With all that in mind, products finally must be affordable without compromising quality. We benchmark against these values throughout our development process. If it sounds like a tightrope walk, that’s because it is.) Our concepts start with custom milled, BPA-free fabrics to our specifications - organic whenever possible. We leverage some of our past customers, social media, and blog contests to help narrow our patterns to the ones our customers will love the best. Then we lab test the heck out of everything, from the necessary tests to specific additional ones depending on how a product will interact with you and your baby. As well, we put a lot of effort into how and what we’re packing the product in, considering everything from presentation to sustainability. Finally, we have a 3rd party quality control team with boots on the ground randomly double check each manufacturing lot to ensure it checks out to all of our design specifications. If a batch doesn't clear, it doesn't ship. The very last step - fine tuning to see how we can refine and improve - actually takes the most amount of time, because that process never really ends. We’re constantly listening to all of our customers for feedback and our design team of parents are actually using our products in their own homes to always tweak and fine tune aspects of each product line design, from stitch patterns to zipper pulls to foam densities.

So if you spot our products out there on the shelves, do us a favor: give them a little thumbs-up. They passed every test we could throw at them, and we’re confident they’ll pass the most important test of all: yours!

Quality and Safety Commitment

As a result of recent state and Federal legislative activity focused on children’s products, we felt we should document our product quality and safety commitment to you.

We want to assure all of our retail store partners, as well as the consumers that use our products, that we design and manufacture all of our products to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. government and state safety regulations, as well as applicable U.S. “voluntary” standards and samp-safetyinternational safety regulations and standards.

These safety regulations in the U.S. include the Consumer Products Safety Act and the Federal Hazardous Substances Act which specify safety requirements for consumer products, especially those used by children. Also included is the new Federal law known as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act just recently signed into law.

Other industry standards include a number of international standards apply to our product in Canada, Europe and other regions.

Included in these standards are requirements and restrictions such as those for lead and other heavy metals in surface decorations and materials, the use of plastics that do not contain BPA or certain phthalates, and requirements for product design and construction to prevent safety hazards during use of the products.

During product development and throughout the manufacturing process, we continually test our products for compliance with these regulations and standards, utilizing both our internal testing resources as well as independent CPSC-certified testing laboratories.

We take very seriously our responsibility and our commitment to protect children from harm when using or playing with our products.


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