Mantras Our Products Live By

  • Being on-the-go with your baby shouldn’t mean sacrificing your baby’s comfort.
  • Memory foam feels as amazing for babies as it does for grown-ups, so change them on a pad that they look forward to laying on.
  • Nothing is worse than seeing pacifiers and bottles fall on a filthy surface. Gross.
  • Diaper bags don’t need to be the size of luggage when most of the time you are just going out for a few hours.
  • Never wake a sleeping baby and always try and keep your arms free of clutter. So when shopping, keep your baby in the stroller and use stroller clips to hold your bags for a much more enjoyable trip out.
  • You should be able to put a bib on your baby with one hand.  Don’t buy a bib that prevents you from that luxury.
  • Burp cloths should actually keep spit-up from making its way to your shoulder.
  • Babies travel on their knees not their feet; so protect their little knees!
  • Having baby skin means being chilly most of the time, so make sure to keep them covered with something comfortable.
  • Every gift should be guaranteed to get ooohs and ahhhs at a baby shower! Give gifts for new parents that they will not only love, but are presented in a way that everyone will remember.
  • Soiled clothes need a “separate” place in your diaper bag, so make sure you have a wet bag to keep them isolated from everything else in your bag.
  • Buy wipes in bulk and use a small refillable wipes case to put just the amount you need to take with you on the go.
  • Your babies will grow up fast – simplify that precious time with products aimed at convenience, so that you can savor every moment with your little one.
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