Our Mission to You

Our mission is to support parents who live an active lifestyle with their children. We're parents too, and it's our job as parents — and it's our job as part of Team Ah Goo Baby — to provide those useful products that can help our families actively explore the world around them.

Every Ah Goo Baby product sparks with an idea attached to a specific purpose. Whether that spark comes from deeply diving into our research, acting on input from families and supportive customers, or tapping into the creativity and interests of our own little explorers - it's all inspiring and it's all good. To leave the "napkin" phase, though, it has to live up to our must-have criteria. First and foremost, it has to be totally and completely baby-safe. But it also has to be effective, useful and practical. With all that in mind, products finally must be affordable without compromising quality. We benchmark against these values throughout our development process. If it sounds like a tightrope walk, that’s because it is.) Our concepts start with custom milled, BPA-free fabrics to our specifications - organic whenever possible. We leverage some of our past customers, social media, and blog contests to help narrow our patterns to the ones our customers will love the best. Then we lab test the heck out of everything, from the necessary tests to specific additional ones depending on how a product will interact with you and your baby. As well, we put a lot of effort into how and what we’re packing the product in, considering everything from presentation to sustainability. Finally, we have a 3rd party quality control team with boots on the ground randomly double check each manufacturing lot to ensure it checks out to all of our design specifications. If a batch doesn't clear, it doesn't ship. The very last step - fine tuning to see how we can refine and improve - actually takes the most amount of time, because that process never really ends. We’re constantly listening to all of our customers for feedback and our design team of parents are actually using our products in their own homes to always tweak and fine tune aspects of each product line design, from stitch patterns to zipper pulls to foam densities.

So if you spot our products out there on the shelves, do us a favor: give them a little thumbs-up. They passed every test we could throw at them, and we’re confident they’ll pass the most important test of all: yours!

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